Welcome to "People In Tech" - The Evolution of TechDad.pro! 🚀

Welcome to "People In Tech" - The Evolution of TechDad.pro! 🚀

Hey there, tech enthusiast! 🌍

First off, a hearty welcome and virtual high-five for joining us on this renewed journey. If you’ve been a follower of the renowned TechDad.pro, you’re in for a delightful surprise. If you’re new here, buckle up - you’ve chosen the right time to hop aboard!

From TechDad to Tech Everyone 🌐

The name TechDad.pro served us well. It was personal, catchy, and encapsulated the essence of a tech-savvy individual navigating the vast seas of the digital realm. But as we’ve grown, so have our aspirations.

We realized our mission went beyond one persona; it encapsulated a universal spirit - the spirit of every individual trying to find their niche in the tech world. Hence, People In Tech was born.

Why "People In Tech"? 🔍

People In Tech isn’t just a name; it’s a movement. We're talking about the dreamers, the innovators, the students, the professionals, the absolute beginners, and the seasoned experts.

The goal is to help 1 million people break into tech.

By transitioning from TechDad.pro to People In Tech, we are broadening our horizons, embracing diversity, and championing the idea that technology is for everyone. 🌟

BTW, checkout the youtube channel for more in depth content.

Our Ambitious Goal: Lighting Up a Million Tech Stars ✨

At TechDad.pro, we dipped our toes into the vast ocean of tech content. But now, we're diving deep. Our goal is mighty: Help 1 million people break into tech. It might sound audacious, but with you by our side, we believe nothing is unattainable.

Whether you're trying to land your first tech job, transition to a tech role from a non-traditional background, or simply learn about the latest trends, we're here to provide the guidance, resources, and community support you need.

What to Expect? 🎁

  1. A lot of AI content: Over the next few months we'll focus on how to incorporate AI into your business
  2. In-depth Articles: From AI to Zero-Day vulnerabilities, we’ll cover it all.
  3. Career Resources: Tips, tricks, and guidance to supercharge your tech career.
  4. Community Stories: Real stories from real people navigating the tech sphere.
  5. Weekly Round-ups: Never miss out on the latest tech buzz!

We're Just Getting Started! 🚧

As we transition, there might be some digital dust as we move things around and set the stage for People In Tech.

Bear with us, and know that every tweak and turn is aimed at providing you with an enriched experience.

Join The Movement! 📣

We invite you to be active participants in this journey. Share your stories, ask questions, suggest topics, or just drop in to say hello. After all, People In Tech is all about its people - and that means you!

To a brighter, techier future for all of us!

Tech Out,

Caleb King

Founder, People In Tech