My Values

I wanted to share my values with you guys. If you see my LinkedIn bio I mention that I am Father. That's my biggest role in a life and something I want to be good at, better than anything else for as long I'm on this earth 🌏. I'm also a husband and only child.

It took awhile for me to find my path, but I really enjoy the tech industry and everything it's done for me.

BUT, I enjoy spending time with my children, wife and mother the most. I love my current role and opportunities it has given me. However, I've realized I want to spend even more time with those who are close to me. Including my dog, he needs more walks. 🦮

Most of my family members were educators. My mother always said, it was easy to get up early everyday because she was helping the future leaders grow. That statement always stuck with me. I want to follow suit.

The Statement

Our company is dedicated to providing engineering leaders with the knowledge, insights, and tools they need to be successful in today's fast-paced and ever-changing technology landscape. We believe in the power of innovation and collaboration to drive progress and growth, and we are committed to fostering a culture of continuous learning and improvement.

Our values are centered on excellence, integrity, and diversity and inclusion. We believe in providing a platform for diverse perspectives, experiences and ideas to be shared among engineering leaders to promote creativity and progress in the industry.

We are committed to creating a family-friendly culture that prioritizes work-life balance, and we are dedicated to helping people break into the tech field by sharing our knowledge and experiences.

By being transparent, family-oriented, and supportive of those looking to enter the tech industry, we are able to build trust and credibility, attract top talent, and drive innovation and growth for our company.

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