Welcome to People In Tech. We’re glad and grateful you’re here.

I was learning to code when it changed my life. I've had a career boom, made new friends and increased income thanks in part to this amazing skill that anyone can learn!

I want you all be able experience these benefits too so come check out our online platform where we'll give lessons on anything from marketing techniques through app development - no matter what stage of your journey as an entrepreneur or business owner interests you most right now (or if nothing at all catches fire).

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mission Inspire entrepreneurs to create the lifestyle they desire with the help of Technology


Help people break into the tech industry leveraging their strengths.


To help 1000 people land a tech job that they enjoy and thrive in.

Core Values Work with purpose. Commitment to Customers. Continuous Learning

Core Values

Work with purpose. Commitment to Customers. Continuous Learning


How I went from no degree “tech guy” to helping thousands of online entrepreneurs build a life and business they love.

Before Total Podcasting, before People In Tech, before blogging, podcasting, teaching, I was like most of my followers. A corporate worker.

Continually focusing on climbing the ladder. Looking for the next promotion, raise, or bonus. I finally decided to start small and build my business. 

My Journey

Hi! My name is Caleb King, and I am the founder of  People In Tech. Raised in southern California, I considered myself a hybrid between academia and athletics. My favorite sport growing up was basketball, which introduced me to life-long friends, created my competitiveness streak, and understood the saying, "hard work pays off."

Once I realized I wasn't going to be a professional basketball player, my focus started to shift to my other hobbies, like business, computers, and health. After high school, I decided to attend Arizona State University to study Computer Information Systems. During my time at ASU, I learned a life lesson, "you can get through anything if you put your mind to it."

It took me longer to graduate from ASU than I expected simply due to tuition increases, especially being an "out of state" student. I had to get a full-time job before finishing school. This started my career in the IT industry as a Technology Coordinator. I began to gain confidence in my tech skills when my colleagues would call me the "Tech Guy." I was fixing people, computers, tablets, phones, pair programming, troubleshooting, IT support. I even had one co-worker bring me her digital watch and said, "You can fix anything, fix this."

I was fortunate and found a mentor who suggested I start learning how to code, build apps, and work for a tech company. Ten years later, I am leading a development team and mentoring other developers in their careers.

It was time for me to give back and replicate what others did for me early in my career. I started small with a podcast. In the first two years, I was trying to find my voice. Then I began interviewing startups, authors, founders, and experts in the field. The podcast changed my life. It gave me purpose, something to think about and build upon. As time went on, I noticed others were asking how I gain success so quickly with my podcast. It was a lot of trial and error, from using different hosting solutions, branding, marketing, social media, monetization, and much more. It was a challenging first year, to say the least.

One of my followers asked if I would create an online course on how I broke into tech. Then others had a different request, which encouraged me to start a business from my platform. To help and educate others on how to leverage content creation to their advantage. Here we are about to go into another year, and I plan on releasing more content to help others get into a thriving industry and find success sooner than myself. Thank you for reading my journey, but we are far from being done.

E-books for sale

Here are some e-books I helped write when I first started my journey. If you are looking to start building your own brand within Tech, these books will help.