You’re Not Pokémon Go – Don’t Force AR into Everything

Nov 20
Augmented Reality (AR) is one of the innovations which have been around for more than three decades but has continued to constantly see improvements in its technology and applications. The applications of some advanced AR systems are made to replicate real-world situations but the ability to make the AR environment more lifelike is still a distant reality.

Augmented reality is also very efficient in the training of personnel and is very cheap for this purpose. All the company needs to do is to provide an environment they require the AR to replicate, and the programmers get to work creating a close to life-like appearance of the provided environment.

Augmented Reality (AR) provides you with a very advanced gaming experience and provides the platform many gaming applications have used to their advantages. Many games such as Pokémon Go, Ingress and others have been huge successes through the use of AR in their games. With the advancements in the AR system, other applications for the technology are being developed. Companies such as Facebook, SnapChat and other Silicon Valley and technology based firms have announced that they will be creating some of their future services with augmented reality right at the center.

Questions, questions, and more questions

These developments are welcome and are sure to roll in billions of dollars for the companies that use them. Questions however are continually raised on the overuse of the AR and how it could cause a collapse in some of the established functions many of these companies help us perform in our daily lives.

Augmented reality has its benefits as this article has pointed out in an eloquent fashion. It is also currently plagued with some challenges which could negatively impact some of the features of existing apps. It is also important to note that the AR is currently expensive in developing and underdeveloped countries as most of the AR models on sale range from five hundred to more than a thousand dollars

Not so affordable everywhere

The augmented reality innovation is not affordable for people who wish to use the feature in some countries. Companies who manufacture this product slap a heavy price tag on it making it too expensive for some people who are living with limited means.

Some things are just OK the way they are

The phrase “Just because it’s new doesn’t mean it’s improved” comes to bear in the AR scenario. Many companies have vowed to use AR or totally switch to it in the near future. They are only looking at the feature from a profit standpoint. One factor to be considered is whether the AR integration into their services will have negative effects on user friendliness and customer satisfaction

It may have side effects no one has noticed now

This is a very real concern when augmented reality is concerned. The augmented reality use is widely praised as the best new thing right now for social and gaming apps. However, it is necessary to point out that research has shown that extensive usage of electronic devices which are for the provision of entertainment have some addictive consequences. It is also important to note that the overuse of such devices can easily cause a lack of focus, cognition problems and other negative effects of overusing electronic devices.

The current components are like welding glasses:

Not everyone likes making use of tech equipment that are bulky and completely cover your line of sight. The current models of the augmented reality components are very, very conspicuous. It can be compared to a welder’s equipment.

Companies should take baby steps in the AR world:

Big tech and social media firms should take a gradual approach to developing into a fully-embedded AR system. The companies should try a customer experience program to determine if the services they wish to transmit to the AR world is tenable and can hold water. This is a show of the value such companies have for their customer base. Totally transforming your software and tech to fit AR may be a two-sided disaster - both in PR and profits. These companies should remember that they are not gaming based, and the services they offer may be unattractive to users in the long run.

Safety Concerns:

Apart from the side effects which may accompany the AR tech, safety concerns could also pose a big problem. Let’s explore what I mean in better detail. The android revolution is one of the best things to have happened to tech companies in terms of profits. The cash just keeps coming in on all sides for the manufacturers. These mobile devices and accompanying software that have designed solely for end-user satisfaction has actually “ended” some users’ existence, as reports confirm. In India, there are reports of more than four dozen deaths arising from selfie-photos alone. There are numerous death incidents from the misuse of a device that doesn’t completely cover your eyes. Let’s not start imagining when Facebook or another big tech firm releases its own AR build to increase “connectivity and customer satisfaction”. Safety is important for users to achieve the most from using some types of technology, and their safety should be considered in the patenting of such products. 


It is admirable to continuously think about transformation and evolution when product manufacturing is involved, but the times it should be practiced are another thing entirely. Augmented reality has produced many firsts in the tech world, but not all products could fit into its now wide open welcoming arms. There are still some things that we will better appreciate and enjoy using if we would just leave them the way they have been, rather than turning everything we now use to something most of its pre-AR users would find difficult to recognise. Just like the title says, don’t force AR into everything, you’re not Pokémon GO for crying out loud.

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