Why Is Health and Fitness Important In Your Tech Career

Nov 20
Physical fitness may not be the first thing your employer considers, but increasingly, given the cost of burnout in the tech industry( about $120billion to $190billion annually), companies are encouraging their employees to get fit and stay healthy. Personally, being healthy and fit can tremendously boost your performance at work. And here's how

1. WORKING OUT CLEARS YOUR HEAD UP: Everyone who codes knows that a clear head is essential when working on a programme. Just one little mistake can literally drive you insane. And regular exercises have been proven to make adults sharper than other adults who don't exercise. A recent study conducted by experts from the University of Aberdeen and University of Stirling. Experts did their research on over 4,000 working people and found that workers who didn’t exercise regularly were a lot lower in performance than those who stayed exercised on a regular basis. Other research has largely supported this data. Plus, exercises makes you lose unwanted fat which is essential to staying healthy. 

 2. LOWERS THE COST OF HEALTHCARE: Simply put, no one likes an employee that always calls in sick. Employers detest losing money, so employees who cost them money in health insurance on a regular will surely not be staying long. Since the aim of all businesses is to make money, why keep a liability? And in the high-stress low deadline industry of tech, one wouldn't want to leave a code unattended for any amount of time. Because time waits for no one in this industry 

 3. KEEPS YOU MOTIVATED: Regular work out can be a mountain to climb, especially for beginners. Whatever your regimen is, it takes complete focus and determination to do it and achieve the goal you set. And humans are generally creatures of habit so these traits formed at the gym will ultimately overlap into your workplace and make you a goal getter. And goal setting is an important part of career development. When you're used to saying "I'll get those abs in one month" and do it, you'll also be able to say "I'll be a director in one year" and do it too. Just saying. 

 4. IT IMPROVES MENTAL HEALTH: No pain, no gain. That's the motto of almost every gym in the world. And in the tech industry, there is an abundance of pain. For most times an unfair compensation, there's an enormous amount of workload, endless overtime work, sometimes poor management and negative work culture(sometimes too). This can negatively affect anyone and everyone at the same time. Therefore, grittiness is greatly needed in environments like these.  This kind of mental toughness can be cultivated in the gym. If you can manage to squat 20 times, run the treadmill for 10 minutes, do fifty bench presses(okay don't get ahead of yourself), you can surely nail that presentation and beat that deadline. 

       Keeping fit and being healthy is an important part of our daily life. But it also helps in the workplace too. And in the ultra-competitive arena that is the tech industry, you need to make sure you have everything in check and you're ready to dance with the best of them.

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