What Are The Top Benefits Tech Companies Are Hiring To Get Millennial Talent?

Nov 20

Recruiting and retaining millennial talents is seemingly a hard task, with the number of tech companies looking out for millennial talents, especially when these talents are fresh out of Silicon Valley.

In recruiting these talents, each company finds ways to stand out from the crowd of other companies, and usually, these ways involve giving out top mouth-watering benefits that should attract these millennial to their firm. Each competing for which benefit would top the other and direct to them the talents they are in need of.

Here are a few of the top benefits tech companies are hiring to get millienial talents. 

Health Insurance benefits: Before applying for a company, the person applying is most times particular about their health insurance. "Would the company pay if they fell sick?" So when a company is offering good health insurance, it's sure to attract the employees they seek. 

Another thing when it comes to health care is, when the workers get injured as a result of carrying out a job, they want a guarantee that the company they work for, would not only handle all the medical bills but would also compensate them for the injuries. It's important to note that these employees would not like the feeling of being abandoned by the company when treating an injury gotten from working for the company. So tech companies interested in attracting millennial employees, give the benefit of health insurance and compensation. 

Flexibility benefits: The thing about the tech industry is that some employees do not always need to show up at the office to get the job done, they can work from home on some days. Tech companies now offer the benefit of giving the employee a day or two in the week, where they can work from the comfort of their homes, that way, if there is something they needed to get done within the week, they can pick the day when they work from home to get these things done. Millennials are particular about time, and a company that offers them just enough time for their personal needs is seen as a great option. 

Training benefits: Millennials have the drive to want to know more, companies who usually pay for them to get more training are usually put at the top of the list. 

Benefits are a known method to attract and keep an employee in a company, it can also be the reason an employee leaves the company they are working for, for another company. Also, millennials talents are in high demand for companies, to ensure growth and productivity. So each company usually makes an effort to outdo the other companies when it comes to the offer of benefits. 

These top benefits are being employed by tech companies to get and keep the talents they need for the productivity of their company. There are a few more like, free travels, gym membership, and free meals.

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