The 5 Vital Skills You Will Need For The Future Of Work

Nov 20

While we can’t wait to know the top 5 skills, we must define who an IT person is. An IT person is an information technology specialist who is employed to work in a computing environment to either build, maintain and repair hardware and software components and other related computing servers and systems or even do all of the above.

He is usually in charge of all computing-related technical problems. Apart from the knowledge and experience needed to be a successful IT person, other skills will be required. Below are the top 5 skills that an IT person will need in 5years.

Communication skills
The importance of communication cannot be overemphasized, as it is a core skill needed in almost every field. The IT person should be a competent and fluent speaker as this will help him explain himself better. Often, employees have a breakdown in communication with IT people because they feel left out and lack understanding of what the IT specialist is trying to create or fix as the case may be.


The knowledge and ability to communicate in technical language is essential, but the IT person who can communicate in both tech and layman’s language is deemed better. This skill is also needed for a good relationship with technology users who need assistance.

Mastery in a specialized area
The information technology specialist needs to have a groundbreaking knowledge of the particular area or field he is working in. This is important because it will enable him to be always ahead of his peers and the competition in the market. If the IT person is employed to work as a programmer, then he is expected to know how to read, write and interpret different programs and programming languages. It will equally help the IT person to be abreast of the recent developments and updates in that area.


Analytical and principled
As the IT person gathers information either from further studies or from the firm he’s working with, he is expected to make a thorough analysis of this information. Having a knowledge of the principles, and being analytical, he will pay attention to every detail so that he can be able to ascertain the problems and get a clearer picture of what is to be done.


Creativity and detectability
Creativity and adaptability is another vital skill an IT person will need. Having already made the required analysis, he needs to come up with a workable plan, design, and concepts. It is necessary because it will help him create or alter already existing programs to suit emerging needs and tastes.

Adaptability and an understanding of the organization
The ability to adapt quickly into a working area and knowledge of the organization one is working in is very necessary, because without this, despite how qualified one is, he won’t be able to fit in for up to 5 years.


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