Is Microsoft the new Apple 🍎

Nov 20
It doesn't seem that long ago that Steve Jobs was walking on stage and pulling out a white device out of his pocket explaining this box can hold more music than your entire CD collection. Even when I was a teen, kids would say things like, "I have 3,000 songs on my iPod!" Then a few years would go by, and Jobs would do the fantastic reveal again, showing us iPhone and eventually iPad. These devices changed our world. You are probably reading this article on your iPhone(or Android, but you get my point).

Do you ever sit back and think, in 2006, popular social media platforms like Airbnb, Snapchat, Instagram, Uber, etc. were not a "thing." I honestly can't remember what we did back then 🤷🏾♂️. All those tech businesses started because there was a CEO who had a "design-first" mentality.

Drum roll, please🥁. Enter the era of Tim Cook, a CEO with an operations and management style. Over the past few years, we haven't been "Wow," "Stunned," or "Shocked" whenever September rolls around. Don't get me wrong, I am ordering the new iPhone 11 Pro this month and plan on getting myself an iPad and mother an Apple Watch. I am part of the Apple "cult-ure" and don't plan on leaving anytime soon. However, while watching the Microsoft Surface presentation, I was impressed.

For this post, since most people have ADD when reading a long blog post, I am going to rate each part of the announcement 1-5, where one is the lowest and five being the best.

Surface Laptop 3 - 4/5

It doesn't compete with a Macbook Pro, but it's not supposed too. It will make my old Macbook Pro look like a snail 🐌 I like the sleekness and upgrades they made from previous versions. The matte black option is 💯 ; however, anything is better than a Chromebook at this price point.

Surface Pro 7 - 3/5

It got the necessary upgrades, but a dip in battery life is not ideal. A drop in price does make a difference, but for $750, I think I'll save for the Surface Pro. That inline editing was a cool demo.

Surface Earbuds - 3.5/5

The case looks excellent; it's a different look than what available. The flat surface might allow for more advance gestures down the road. Price was higher than I expected at $250, but if you are an Office 365 person, they are supposed to improve your workflow.

I'm just waiting for the memes to come out for these. 😆

Surface Pro X - 4.5/5

A brand new chip, better battery life, thinner, lighter, and a slim pen that is part of the device. I believe this is where Apple is struggling, and Microsoft is thriving; combining the best of both worlds between tablets and computers allows for a different style of workflow.

Surface Pro NEO - 4/5

I liked the NEO because it was different. It wasn't an enhancement or a spec bump from last year. The transition between folding the device and hardware was cool to watch. Then hearing about Windows 10X was cool since they considered user experience.

I liked the NEO because it was different and unique

Windows 10X - 4/5

Watching the demo on the Surface Pro NEO made me realize Microsoft may be more aligned with their users than Apple. It was apparent Windows 10X was created to help people with their workflow, using features like split screens, writing ideas down, and integration with Office Products is something I can see people get behind.

Surface Duo - 2.5/5

I'm sorry, but there is a still lousy taste in my mouth when I hear Windows making mobile phones again. It does seem they learned from their mistakes and decided to partner with Google on the OS, but this is a tight market. If you are not an iPhone, Pixel, or Samsung, move out the way. 

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