Is It Better To Be A "Jack Of All Trades" Or Specialist In IT

Nov 20

This is one question that has been asked by many, several people have also tried to answer the question, but the debate remains a constant topic of many conversations. 

Is it better to be a “Jack of all trades” or an IT specialist? In other words, is it better to know about several or all aspects of technology and be a master of none OR to specialize in one aspect of IT and be very good at it?

It’s a tough one right? They both have their advantages and disadvantages, one might be preferable in some situations, and the other might be picked in other situations. But what really is a definite answer to this question? Generally speaking, it is safe to say that being an IT specialist is better than being a “Jack of all trades”. Want to know why? The following paragraphs contain reasons to back up this answer. 

Unmatched Expertise 

An IT specialist is preferable to a “know it all” due to the fact that the specialist is well read and specialized in his field that he would be able to execute tasks better than anyone else as far as his field is concerned. A generalist might know about several aspects of tech but they always have to do some research when there’s a daunting task at hand, and in the end, they most likely won’t execute the tasks as effectively as a specialist would. Needless to say, this is good enough reason to prefer an IT specialist. 

An IT Specialist Has A Better Pay

An IT specialist would definitely get paid better than a generalist. This is owing to the specialty that the generalist lacks. An IT specialist assures you of top drawer work, while with a Jack of all trades you might have to hope for the best and settle for sub party work. Hence the IT specialist gets paid better because of that expertise and assurance of quality and a generalist clearly lacks this property. 

A “Jack Of All Trades” Is Always Overworked 

When you have your nose in everything that concerns tech, you would definitely get overworked. This is the case of a Jack of all trades that knows a little bit about everything and has to do so many different things simultaneously. What’s worse, most times,  it is not even with the pay. Yeah, work as an elephant, feed like an ant. In contrast, the IT specialist isn’t overworked because he only concentrates on his field and doesn’t concern himself with others and the best part is he even gets paid better than workaholic. 

Sometimes a Jack of all trades might even have to turn down work when they are too much or when it’s a difficult task and his knowledge or research doesn’t get him far enough. With a specialist, it is not so, because as far as his IT field is concerned, he knows it like the back of his palm and is well able to take on any challenge in that field. 

It is good to stick to the stuff you know and become an expert in it. It is very much preferable to doing a bit of everything and being a master of none. An IT specialist is a king in his field while a Jack of all trades is not a king in any area. Pick your portion today, specialist or Mr. Do It All?

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