How to Use LinkedIn to Land a Job

Nov 20
LinkedIn is a networking application which is widely popular as a platform for advertising and recruiting human resources for individuals and organizations. The LinkedIn platform specifically involves connecting an organization to an individual and vice versa. It is no secret that most top recruiters of human talent use LinkedIn in some form at several stages of their recruitment process. You may hear on the news or from a friend about the potency of LinkedIn in landing a befitting job that would make your educational qualifications useful to you. The news you get to hear from the news or your friend may sound appealing to the ears, but the lingering question inside still remains “What can I do to my profile to make me land a good job” if this question is already troubling your mind, you are on the right track. Reports show that the LinkedIn app rewards users who have top class profiles. You may not have an initial Premium subscription for this to happen; you just have to start with what you’ve got.

Listening to the advice in this article, and applying the information carefully laid out for you is a vital factor in getting your employment in no time at all. These tips will help you and turn your career into a success story.

Upload a profile picture:

Have you ever heard of an employer who hires someone that he/she has never seen? I don’t think so. Employers who desire to check your profile start from checking your profile picture. This is a kind of pre-introduction to the recruiter, and uploading a picture on your profile also shows that you mean business. Update your profile picture today and stop being that faceless professional on LinkedIn

Keep only accurate personal info on your profile:

One of the best ways to landing a dream job through LinkedIn is to be totally truthful when filling out your profile. The reason why it’s necessary to come clean on LinkedIn stems from the fact that your potential employer will get to see the information you have posted on your profile. If the recruiter is an expert at what he/she does, the next step would be to keep a record of your online profile if it arouses interest. After this event, let’s say you are called on for a face-to-face interview and it is discovered that John Watson from Alabama is actually Rajesh Banerjee from Mumbai. This totally destroys your chances of ever being called up by that recruiter ever again. So, in the world of LinkedIn, honesty can be regarded as gold when looking to land a good job.

Use your headline effectively:

The headline feature on LinkedIn is used to give a brief idea of yourself, and what you have on offer. Human resource organizations can also use this feature to promote their goals of being on the platform. Your headline can also be used as a job magnet if you put in the information that’s just right, and is what recruiters want to see. Make sure your headline is constantly updated and your dream job could be right around the corner.

Connect with your interests:

There are several professionals in your field who are already on LinkedIn. These professionals can be used as a guide towards getting your desired employment. LinkedIn is built in a way where you have to input your specialization area, and suggestions pop up on people you can connect to, or follow to get access to viewing their posts and sending/receiving messages to/from them. Connecting with your interests is a sure way to building up your LinkedIn profile as you get expert advice from your mentors on the platform; receive insights from them, and some even post regular job alerts to help others get a job. Take advantage of this platform and get your career back on track.

Make proper use of words on your profile:

It is a certainty that every specialization area has its own terminology to describe methods or tools used to achieve some results. These terms can also be used on LinkedIn to land a job. Let’s see how this could happen. Take an example that you start filling out your headline as a statistician and you include skills such as SPSS, Data Analysis, Operations Research, etc on your profile. Some may think this is a show-off but it actually works like magic. Recruiters sometimes use keywords in their searches for top talent and these keywords could just make your profile pop up on the very first page of their search results. If your headline is attractive and your profile generally looks believable, you could get an interview call up and ultimately a job you’ve dreamed of having for years, or another that just keeps your mouth wide open in surprise. Effective use of keywords in LinkedIn certainly can land you the job you desire if you know your way around it.

Join groups:

LinkedIn has a group feature that allows members of the community to share their views, make recommendations, send job alerts etc. You have to connect to others on LinkedIn because no man is an island, and we need connections to thrive in whatever we do. Try joining a group today, and you’ll set yourself on the way to the job you want, and need to take you to the next level.

Another upside of getting connected to a group is that you could hinge a recruiter who’s a member of that network to take a look at your profile. This recruiter could take it a step forward and grant you an interview. If your performance is good enough (and it should be, or your time making your profile great could be a waste), you could get a job just like that.


If you follow the tips we’ve given here to the letter, you could land your dream job soon. Just make sure you take care of your profile and make social connections on the LinkedIn platform, and your profile is sure to reap you benefits.

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