How Fortnite is Changing Marketing

Nov 20
Fortnite can only be described as simply breath-taking. The video game which is less than three years old has taken gaming to a whole new level. The game has generated another aspect of internet/gaming marketing in a world where big shot game developers continually struggle for pride of place on the internet. Fortnite is the second most watched video category on the biggest viewing platform on the planet, YouTube, and this prompted new discussions on the relevance of the gaming software to creating greater marketing strategy.

Fortnite and Internet marketing:

The game has initiated a different side to internet marketing as popular brands are hinging on the success of Fortnite to further promote their own businesses. Fortnite can also be said to be another form of employment for the individual who knows the way around the internet, as more individuals are added to the marketing team based on their know-how regularly. Some of those individuals are fondly called influencers. These guys take a lot of time in creating video content on any field, get to post it on the YouTube platform, and generate popularity for the content through their connections. This form of internet marketing strategy is relatively old, but Fortnite has blown other competition right out of the water. Fortnite has revolutionized internet marketing through its appeal to many online advertising and marketing firms. It is important to note that Fortnite currently has more than 50 billion views on the web, and this figure was mostly boosted by third-party companies who have used the success of the game to their advantage. Presently, there are more than a dozen major advert firms who have generated more than a million views of content relating to Fortnite alone. Such astronomical growth in viewership and content broadcast has brought some good deals to the table for the advertisers.

Fortnite and gaming marketing:

This is the internet marketing aspect of the Fortnite game. The game also revolutionized how games are marketed on the mainstream platform. Years before the Fortnite game was released by Epic Games to the public, many games made a lot of money over a very short period of time (normally not more than 2 months) and then the sales keep dropping until they vanish. In the world of gaming, keeping sales sustained was a very tough task till Fortnite came along. This is due to the fact that the ever competitive world of video game development produces tons of games within a month, and it is difficult for any company including the big shots to sustain their profits for long.  The strategy adopted by Epic Games in the release and development of Fortnite has had the game reaping sustained profits for more than two years, in a market where profits die down very fast! This is s revolutionary change to the development of a stable profit model for gaming developers.

What did Epic Games do to get so much attention for Fortnite in the long run?

The developers of Fortnite, Epic Games, developed a sustainable game marketing strategy through understanding how the human mind works. Their marketing strategy is focused on an ever-evolving gaming experience while retaining the same quality of the game’s environment and features. Fortnite was developed in seasons. These seasons brought about new features and content to the Fortnite gaming world every two-and-a-half months. You can see from the timing of updates that new features are introduced when players are getting bored and need something new. This strategy has worked wonders for the developers, as they continue to sustain the game’s profits, and who knows how long this will continue? Epic Games have developed a wise marketing strategy to change how game developers and gamers intersect on the ever-competitive battlefield of gaming.

Epic Games also introduced an aggressive product marketing campaign on Fortnite:

Fortnite is best enjoyed by a player that has all the best stuff in the game world. Just like many other games, Fortnite also has in-app purchases which consist of various upgrades and features targeted to improve the gaming experience. Epic Games has also used this feature to their advantage. The development and commercial release of Fortnite has got millions of gamers hinged to its attractive interface, great storylines, and other attractive content. This prompts many users to try out the products available on Fortnite, and yes you guessed right; there are always new features to select from. It is reported that Fortnite updates its extra features at least once every hour. This means you have lots of stuff to select from, and maybe before you’re through with reading this, new features will be out for the new season. This approach has earned Epic Games wads of cash from Fortnite.

Fortnite lets the users do the marketing:

Fortnite can be said to be the best thing that ever happened to Epic Games in particular, and gaming in general. The aggressive marketing strategy initially employed by Epic Games turned virtually every player into a Fortnite ambassador. These players took it upon themselves as a duty to spread the word of Fortnite by word of mouth, and on the internet. This kept bringing, and still brings more players to the game which has continued to increase the profits of the developers. This is a wise strategy by Epic Games through letting the players do the main work for them, and it can only be described as a brilliant approach to gaming which may be difficult to replicate in the future.


Fortnite has become so popular because it has a good ESRB rating; it can be enjoyed by both sexes, and has very interesting aspects. The game is also known to be the #1 profit generator for any game developer right now. This is due to the marketing approach employed by the game developers at the initial stages of its release, and the follow-up strategy has also been very good. This is how Fortnite has changed our gaming, and we may never see it’s like again.

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