How Do You Video Gamers Make Money?

Nov 20
You may be a parent to a teen/young adult who always engages in gaming. You may believe that this is a waste of time. We often see in some sports/entertainment releases many kids normally putting on T-shirts and jeans putting up a spirited approach to successfully advancing through levels in games. The gaming world has even developed to have an annual World Championship where the best gamers from all over the world converge at a designated venue to showcase their skills. This forces the questions “Why are these kids so into gaming?” and “Do they make any profits from being so enmeshed in gaming?” These questions are asked by the people who don’t know much about profit making in gaming. There are many ways to make profits from playing games, and gaming has become a source of livelihood for some of its best players. In this article, we’ll explore the sources of income which could be generated form sitting in front of a monitor.

It is often recorded that game developers earn tens of billions in dollars (USD, not Zimbabwean) annually from their investments and gamers are beginning to become millionaires from the industry

Be an expert in discovering walkthroughs:

Many gamers like to have an easy experience whenever they purchase a game. They like using walkthroughs to get through difficult stages, or if they just feel like having it easy all the time. Discovering walkthroughs and cheats for the newest games could make you earn a living from gaming. Getting to discover a cheat from a game could take hundreds of hours, but if you happen to discover them first, you could make money from your effort. Cheats are normally embedded in many games which make the games easier to navigate through. The way you get the cash is simple. There are many gaming sites that would pay you for the effort you put in to discovering walkthroughs. 

Although, this is a very difficult way to finally make a break in the gaming world, if you finally get to make a break you could get massive rewards.

Game reviewing:

Gaming is a very competitive market, and it involves a lot of views and reviews of the performance of the software and the customer experience. Reviews for gaming help in giving the gamers’ community firsthand information on the best games before they get to download or install them. Making money from game reviewing is relatively easier than discovering walkthroughs because it requires lesser effort. All you have to do is get on a review site where gamers go to get the games. Playing the game and putting down your observations and recommendations for publishing on the web site will earn you some profits in the long run. However, this is made much easier if you are an already well-known gamer. There are already established sites in this area, but you should try your best to get employed to give reviews on games as you could earn a lot of cash.

Game Testing:

This aspect of profiting from gaming is reserved for the best of the best, so if you wish to make profits from this part of gaming you need to improve your game. Before developers release their game to the public, they select a few individuals who are proven to be the best in playing the kind of game they intent to release. These testers play the game extensively to assess the game’s performance, the controller’s response, the graphics’ quality and other little detail. These gamers make recommendations to the developers on where adjustments need to be made, and are well-paid for their services.

This is one of the easiest ways to make cash from gaming as games are released virtually every day.

Become a pro:

There are certain gaming events which are recognized as e-sports where you can prove your prowess in gaming. Through this avenue, you could be regarded as a pro and get millions in prizes if you are able to get to the world stage. Becoming a professional is no easy task as you have to be a master at your game to be able to compete to be the best in your area. For example, the winner of the world-renowned game, Fortnite, takes home millions of dollars in prize money every year.

Provide Tutorials:

Tutorials are vital in the gaming world. It helps users that are novices to help in playing games that would have been otherwise difficult. You can make profits as a gamer by providing tutorials to games and bringing this info to your audience. However for the venture to be profitable to you, you have to get the information out there. This may involve you getting hinged to a blog, and getting your information posted to a website game lovers access regularly.

Get paid to play:

You can access the internet to get paid for playing several games. Some sites pay users to play their games. Getting on more of these sites could get you an income stream.

Playing different game models:

Games have different models and builds which are momentarily released to update the present version. These games are tested for efficiency and overall user-friendliness. This service to game developers is a source of funds on a constant basis.


Gaming is a very profitable venture for those who know their way around the world. Gamers have become successful by engaging these methods to increase their income streams. However, it is necessary for gamers to develop their skills to a very advanced level to be able to generate profits from your venture. So as a parent thinking your kid is wasting time playing games and you get to come across this article, you could suggest these methods to your teen or young adult to make their long hours of gaming reap benefits for them.

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