How Do You Encourage Kids To Get Into Tech

Nov 20
Children and technology. There's not a more iconic duo in the whole of the universe. In a world where tech rules, Children are the leaders of innovation and there's no better time to introduce them to tech than when they're young. But, if they're to be love tech, they have to be introduced to it the right way. And here are a couple of tips

1. INTRODUCE THEM TO REAL LIFE SCIENTISTS: Children are highly impressionable, are can easily follow in the steps of whatever idols they have. Making these idols Scientists who're larger than life, like Einstein or Tesla could fuel their curiosity and make them interested in science and tech. You could bring it closer to home by introducing them to Doctors, engineers, lab scientists, and technicians. This is also a very good way to spark their interests and show them viable career options in tech. 

 2. TAP THEIR SENSE OF WONDER: There are thousands of fun experiments on can perform with their child while at home. Instead of answering their every question, teach them to solve some of lives mysteries themselves. Like how do plants grow? Why do leaves fall? Ask them what they think first, so they can actually learn to think for themselves. Then try to channel those questions to lead them to tech. Check out science projects that include children and let them join and have fun there while learning too. 

 3.  TEACH THEM TO CODE: Coding is where your child can be creatively free. Coding is the basic language of tech, and if they can't code, they'd be severely handicapped in that they'd be stuck using other people's tools. There are several children friendly online and offline coding groups, in which children can learn in an interactive and relaxed atmosphere with their peers. An example of an offline coding group is CoderDojo. It was founded in Ireland in 2011, It now has more than 1,100 ‘Dojos’ in 63 countries. Designed for Children between age 7 to 17, CoderDojo is a community-based programming clubs for kids and teens. A great example of an online guide is Khan Academy. It's a series of online guides that teach science tech and a little bit of coding, but it's a great resource. 

4. GO THE COMIC ROUTE: Children will always be children, and no child turns comic down. So this is a great way to teach your kids to get interested in tech. You can move them from just being readers to being active participants i.e authors. You can help them in sketching while they narrate the story, but be mindful to not let it stray too much from the lesson you are trying to pass. 

These are just a few ways in which Parents can encourage their children to get an interest in tech. Tech is the way of the future, and catching them young is a good way to make sure our children are prepared for tomorrow.

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