Employers are Spying On You While WFH

Nov 20

Ever since the pandemic hit, many businesses shifted to working from home. Employees love it! No more commutes, dressing up for work, or getting distracted at the office. However, employers may have a different opinion on working from home. They have started to look for tools to monitor and track employees.

Some employers are debating between spying apps instead of monitoring solutions. Spying apps being completely undetectable in most cases while offering some pretty extreme ways to spy on workers. These apps can be installed on workstations, but lots of them are available on mobile devices.

Employers can install spying software on each business cell phone before it is forwarded to workers, giving employers means to see every detail their workforce does while on a workstation or while using their business devices. Now, this isn't anything new. When you started your new job, you signed a pack of papers agreeing to use company property, including phones, laptops, tablets, etc.

I wanted to highlight the different methods theses new monitoring companies are helping employers spy on their employees.

  • Taking screenshots of employees’ screens, making video recordings, and offering live video feeds

  • Invisible installs and stealth monitoring features

  • Keyloggers

  • Instant Messaging app monitoring

  • Remote desktop control

  • Spying on employees’ mobile devices

  • Complete communication logs

  • VOIP calls spying

  • Internet monitoring

  • Mobile Keylogger

  • Geofencing alerts

  • GPS tracking

  • Remote control of the infected device along with viewing and blocking specific apps

  • Access to calendar, notes, and reminders

  • Surroundings audio recording capability

  • Taking over phone’s camera, making screenshots, and the ability to see all multimedia content on the infected device

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