Amazon 🆚 Covid-19 😷 Earth is closed today 🌎

Nov 20

The COVID-19 😷 pandemic has upended almost every aspect of our usual way of life: socializing, traveling, and even working in the office are mostly off-limits. Most companies are asking employees to work remotely to encourage social distancing.

Some states like California and New York are on complete lockdown. I can't complain about working from home, but I have noticed my Amazon deliveries have taking longer than usual.


Ever since Trump has declared the Covid-19 a pandemic, more customers have been ordering more items. It makes sense, you continue to work on social distancing, you get products at a cheaper rate, and you are supposed to get two-day shipping. However, that last one isn't happening because of the supply and demand



Amazon Deliveries are Slowing down

Last week, customers and Amazon merchants posted on social media platforms saying certain nonessential items were showing April 21 delivery dates, even though they were listed as in-stock and shipping with Amazon's Prime express shipping service.


It's ironic, one of the largest companies in the world is in a position of strength during this pandemic. However, Amazon has an enormous task in front of them. More people are relying on them to get orders to their houses. They need to balance the third-party sellers as well as ensure customers' satisfaction.

Amazon is fighting price gouging 

They have worked with law enforcement to stop buyers from overstocking on items like hand sanitizer. A Tennessee man who became a subject of national scorn after stockpiling 17,700 bottles of hand sanitizer donated all of the supplies on Sunday just as the Tennessee attorney general's office began investigating him for price gouging.


They are employing more people

They have done a great job by continuing to employ more people to keep up with the additional demand. Their factories are mostly robots which only require a smaller amount of people to be on staff. Their infrastructure is set up to the point they could lose few factories and still be able to get orders out.


They have prioritize medical supplies to help

Amazon has prioritize space for critical medical items and stated they are not accepting any new FBA products at this time. Some sellers who rely on Amazon's fulfillment center are struggling. Some smaller companies are laying off employees.

Amazon Fresh is experiencing higher demand, and some wait times are 5-6 days. Amazon confirmed that its customers didn't see incorrect shipping estimates. The longer delivery times are the new normal for many products on Amazon.


Some business are dependent on "made in China" and it hurts

Oh, did you know many products sold on Amazon come from China? With the lockdown, many organizations are struggling because they are very dependent on their supply. Many items are out of stock and causing companies to run out of stock and looking for new suppliers.

The good news is that "essential" items such as food and medical supplies ordered on the platform are being prioritized and shipped relatively quickly. The bad news: nonessential items such as Blu-rays, books, cables, coffee makers, and even clothing are going to take a long time to arrive.


Unclear how Amazon Prime Members will be compensated(no 2 day anymore)

It's unclear how Amazon will treat those who purchased Amazon Prime since they are getting orders at a later date. Amazon is hiring aggressively to meet customer demand. Traffic has soared on Facebook and YouTube. And cloud computing has become essential to home workers. Things will be changing over the next few months as we get through this.

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