A Translation Guide for Parents Talking to Gen Z

Nov 20
If your child was born within the late-90s and first five years of the century, he/she is a member of the Gen Z club. The Post-Millennial Generation, as some people fondly call them is a fun-loving, fully-digital generation who has ushered in a new vocabulary set. Many of the slangs used by the Gen Z are undecipherable by the Gen X which was born at least four decades ago. The development of most of the slang terms can be credited to the African-American Gen Z demographic. These terms seem to flow from them with ease.

How does the Z Gen manage to coin slang?

The Gen Z make use of terms which are already in use and give them a new meaning, and the meaning is normally used to describe something very different from the original term. They also make use of abbreviations to express themselves, and this is mostly common during their use of social media and other communication platforms.

How useful are the slangs?

Surprisingly, Gen Z slang can be applied to different areas of their conversation. For instance the term which can be used in describing the serious nature of a problem can also be used to describe how serious someone is, and the terms are sometimes unchanged in their expressions. This makes the Gen Z slang dictionary unique to their age bracket and very useful indeed.

The slangs used by these kids can sometimes be so intuitive that parents wonder if they could ever get to understand what these kids are saying. With this in mind, let’s take a look at some of the slangs your kids used and what they actually mean. This will help you in not losing yourself when your kids start chatting with their friends. If you must use it effectively, it’s better not to let the kids know you now understand them perfectly. Let’s see some shall we?


This is a term used by the Gen Z’s to show appreciation. It actually spells out as I Love You, but in a platonic manner.


When someone does something awful, he’s simply referred to as cancelled.


Deadass is a Gen Z slang to affirm seriousness.


This is another slang meaning tough.


Boujee simply means something lavish and plush.


The slang lit is used to describe something as very interesting or appealing. So if you hear kids talking about the recent show in town, and one responds with “Yeah, that concert was lit”, you now know what they were talking about.


This slang is very popular among the Z Generation. LMAO means Laughing My Ass Out. This is an expression by the Gen Z’ers to how funny something really is.


This is actually the question ` How about you? ` You can see how the Gen Z’s utilize words transforming them into slang


You may have seen this on the news feed of your favourite browser. This term actually means `In Case You Missed It`. It is a term used to give a heads-up about the latest info. That’s why news agencies make use of the term a lot.


Extra refers to someone who likes taking things too far. It’s a shortened form of the real word `Extravagant`.


To the Gen X, a snack may be a donut or spring roll, but to the Gen Z, a snack id=s someone with appealing physical features, an attractive individual.


This is quick different from the term associated with your muscles. Flex to the Gen Z mean enjoyment and showing off.


What you Gen X or Y know G for is that it is the 7th alphabet in the English Language. This is different when you enter the Gen Z slang world. G actually means friend in Z slang.


If you are a sports lover, especially the sport of soccer, you may be familiar with this term. The term is actually used to describe someone as `The Greatest of All Time` So this term actually refers to a person as a GOAT, quite interesting I must admit.


Stan is used to describe an obsessed fan of a particular popular figure


Headass is used to describe something stupid.


L is also slang in the Gen Z vocabulary. It is used to describe a loss, or losing situation.


POS to the Gen X and Y simply means Point-of-Sale. To the Gen Z, POS is an alert sign meaning `Parent over Shoulder`


A good song is described as a `bop`


This is Gen Z slang for describing jealousy


This may be difficult for you to pronounce as a parent. It is used to identify the type of something


A female with a big posterior build

Whole meal:

This is used as an expression to describe someone who looks good.

While you’re learning, note this mom and dad

Try not to become too immersed in learning slang as the terms could be addictive, and you could unwittingly start using them. Imagine texting your mother and she texts you something funny, only for you to reply “LMAO, LWKMD”. You may get them confused or scared. This guide is for you to learn and understand, not to start using for other age brackets.


These slangs are not to be used by the parents in the presence of the kids as they could stop communicating in front of you so you don’t get to know what’s up. But if your kids are down with you learning, no hustle. You can start using it when talking to them. There can be very creative vernacular words and abbreviations from the Gen Z. These words are used to describe different kinds of stuff in the Gen Z world and are known to evolve very fast. If you want to continue learning slang from the Z Gen, you have to constantly study and be open to learning new words from the fastest-moving, constantly mobile generation.

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