4 Ways Technology Has Changed How We Engage with Our Favorite Sports

Nov 20
As the world becomes increasingly digital, relying more heavily on technology, social media, and tech tools that make our lives easier and more connected, the sports industry certainly is not immune from these kinds of changes. Sports fans want to be able to engage with their favorite teams, follow updates in real-time, and really feel like they’re in on the action.

If you’re looking to leverage technology with your favorite sports today, here are 4 innovative ways in which technology is shaping the worldwide sports sector:
  1. Virtual Reality:

Sports lend themselves to being a perfect target for virtual reality (VR) capabilities. Broadcasters began to experiment with VR during the 2016 Olympics, while U.S. leagues are using this technology during live games to help fans get up close with their stars. Although it’s still in its infancy, this kind of technology will make it possible one day to experience a real-live game, anytime, anywhere.

  1. Social Media Engagement:

More and more teams are going Live on Facebook and Instagram during sporting events so fans can actually watch portions of the game anywhere in the world. Additionally, engaging activities like the International Cricket Council enabling fans to collect virtual trump cards on Twitter using a hashtag, created a community of cricket fans that came together for the worldwide experience. 

Other examples are sports teams providing live text updates, or changing cover photos on Facebook anytime they score. Plus with push notifications, fans can elect to receive these real-time updates all day long.

  1. AI Algorithmic Activity:

Algorithms are used by everyone from Google to Facebook to curate a newsfeed they think we want to see. Well this same intelligent technology is also being leveraged by people to pick college teams for their brackets. Especially with March Madness, AI is helping people better predict the perfect bracket so they are able to secure a win by the time the tournament is completed.

  1. Digital Stadium Immersion:

Lastly, stadiums worldwide are jumping onboard with technology, from high speed WiFi in venue, to phone scanning for tickets, seat locations, ordering food ahead of time, and more. In the future there will even be augmented reality (AR) tools inside the phones that transplant images and videos in front of us while we’re seated watching a game. Some innovators claim you will be able to hold your phone up over the field or court and watch replays right before your very eyes.

Closer Sports Connection

At the end of the day, we want to feel a closer, more immersive experience with the players, teams, and leagues that bring us immense happiness and pride. Even if you can’t make it to the game, these incredible AR, VR, and AI tools are bringing the game to you, anytime, anywhere. And for those that do make it, enjoy the new digital resources that make your viewing that much more seamless and enjoyable.

It should be fascinating to see where this sports technology goes in the future.




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