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4 Easy Ways to Conquer Your Smartphone Addiction

Are you're reading this on your phone. Well, maybe you shouldn't be.

There is a growing body of research that says excessive phone use is horrible for you. It's terrible for your brain, your neck, your eyes, and your fingers for starters. It's also linked to poor sleep, higher stress levels, and depression. 

How do you curb your phone use? It's unlike any other addiction. You need it holstered to your side at all times to thrive in the 21st century to communicate with family, friends, your boss, even any potential romantic "matches." Here are five easy ways to deter your smartphone use and possibly addiction. 


Try "social media fasting."

Yes, fasting like the diet technique you have heard about. You can use the same principals for your phone. Pick a time of the week and promise yourself you won't post on social media at all during that period. 


The best times to start these fasts are during the evenings, for three reasons. You're more prone to drink during the evening, and therefore more prone to sending a message you may regret. Two, "people just don't need to hear back from you at 10, 12, 2 in the morning," They can wait. And three, you'll sleep better. The blue light that emanates from smartphones disturbs your sleep. 


Power Down During Every Meal

When having your next meal, try putting down all your devices or even better, keep them away from the table. The focus is to be in the "now" and spend time with your family and loved ones. It's tough, but over time this makes separating from your phone easier. Possibly have a real conversation with a person.


Just flip the phone over

When all else fails, sometimes the most straightforward solutions are the most effective. This is perhaps alarmingly simple, but take the phone on your desk right now and flip it over. Start small. A half-hour the first week, then one hour, then two, and so on. After all, without self-control, nothing good can be accomplished in life.


Driving? Turn It Off.

If you're getting behind the wheel, put your phone away. For one thing, texting and driving are wildly irresponsible. For another, even if your drive is only ten minutes, that's ten more minutes without your phone.


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