The Tech industry is mostly dominated by the male gender. The few women found in the industry feel men have an advantage. Men are known to apply for positions they do not qualify for, get bigger raises and salaries or even have the opportunity to advance in their career. The playing field is not the same for women, especially women of color.

“Some of the challenges they face sometimes cannot even be overcome by more education, technical skills or leadership. “

Some of the challenges faced by women of color in the tech industry include:


Women of color are under-represented in the IT industry, these women want mentors, role models and strong networking opportunities.

It is very hard to believe you can be the Director, VP, President of an organization when no one who looks like you has that role.

The IT industry needs to be saturated with women of color so that the can have the network and strength required to fight any other barriers that they may face such as salary inequality, unequal growth opportunity, career advancement etc.

women opportunity is not the same

Sexism and sexual harassment

Women face the challenge of sexism and sexual harassment in their workplace from their male colleagues. It is usually discouraging when a woman of color is the most qualified person in a room to do a job and is turned down because she belongs to a different race and gender.


The women are not encouraged to utilize their full potential and explore their capabilities but rather to hide under the shadows of the other they consider to be more efficient.

Lack of growth

When the achievements of a person are limited, they tend to be stagnant. Women of color sometimes have to work harder than their pair in other for them to be considered for promotion and this is due to the fear of being rejected. They keep thinking that they have not put in their 100% and so the will not be fit for a job or a promotion and this will make them remain in a place for a long time.

Gender Bias

They have already been criticized at the early stage of their career even from school, the males are already considered as more gifted in the area of science and math even though the girls might be better than the boys in technology.

education is different between male and female

Can’t stop won’t stop! #WomenEmpowerment

Despite these challenges faced by women of color, they can still thrive in this industry to ensure that their goals are achieved. To ensure that this is possible, being confident and proud about what they do and who they are will help attack any barrier head-on. πŸ’ͺ🏾

These women in tech should know their worth as this will enable them to detect when they are overworked, under-appreciated or when they are underpaid.

Also, there are institutions that have been set up to counter the challenges women of color face in the IT industry like β€œBlack Girls Code”, we need to create more of these strong networks to encourage them as Science Technology Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) is for everyone.

Call to Action to men

Men, please step up to break this mold so we ALL can be better.

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